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braces and invisalign | MEDICSEY Turkey Emptyالسبت سبتمبر 30, 2023 11:31 am
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مُساهمةموضوع: braces and invisalign | MEDICSEY Turkey

braces and invisalign | MEDICSEY Turkey

Dental Braces in Turkey:
Teeth braces in turkey are a branch of dentistry concerned with the arrangement, beauty, and health of teeth. Disorders of the jaw or teeth structure or abnormalities may affect a patient's healthy life, so the teeth braces in turkey may be the answer. The patient may have a jaw structure that does not open and close properly, which affects healthy eating habits, or he may suffer from pain in the jaw muscles due to crowding of the teeth, or there may not be enough space in the jaw structure and new teeth come out tilted.
What is Invisalign in turkey?
The invisalign is the brand name of the translucent moving straightening and this type of straightening is designed to correct the deviation of the teeth without affecting the aesthetic of the appearance of the teeth. It is made of silicone which makes it flexible and thin and does not cause any discomfort to the teeth during its use. The Invisalign is also designed to treat teeth by cutting out the look of the metal calendar, which is what the name suggests, as it is an almost invisible calendar and its transparency often does not appear to others.
How do I know if transparent braces in Turkey are right for me?
If you want to straighten your teeth and choose the most suitable braces, you can ask yourself these questions to find out the best option for you:
Do I have a slight or moderate problem in the shape of my teeth? Do I have a problem with crooked teeth or a problem with occlusivity?
Will I feel ashamed or uncomfortable if I wear metal braces? Am I allergic to metal?
Can I commit to wearing clear braces and not taking them off for more than two hours a day?
Can I take care of the transparent braces and clean them twice a day?
braces and invisalign | MEDICSEY Turkey Dental13
braces and invisalign | MEDICSEY Turkey Aoaioa13

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